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Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up your account

Setting up your account

Can I own more than one organization?

Yes, you can be the owner of as many organizations as you want.

How can I create an additional organization?

After signing in using your work email, you can go to Manage my Organizations by clicking the arrow next to the current organization name. Then, you click on Create an Organization, you add the name of the organization, and if you wish, you can modify the url slug, which will be used to identify the new organization.

Can I make other team members managers of the organization?

The organization manager can assign any member of the organization to become the organization manager. To do this, go to the People tab in Organization settings, click the Edit button next to the user's name and, in the user profile, set the role to manager.

How can I create a workspace within an organization?

As the manager of the organization, you can go to the Organization Settings, Workspaces tab, click on the Add new button, fill in the name of the workspace, start entering a city to get suggestions to choose from, select the working days and choose whether you want to make it a virtual workspace, or a physical one and define its minimum and maximum capacity.

How can I see the list of people inside each workspace?

Organization members are listed on the calendar page, each under the workspace they belong to. Make sure you have the correct filters for the team members selected on the right.

How can I add team members to an organization?

There are many ways to invite team members to join an organization. First, head to the People tab in Organization settings. Then choose one of the following options below;


By email invitation: You can enter the person's email and click the invite button, and they will receive an invitation email to join.


Using an Invite link: Teammates can access your organization through an invite link. When you enable this feature, you will be able to copy a link that you can share with whomever you want to invite.


Using their work email: A third option is to allow access to anyone with a work email on the same domain name as yours, as the creator of the organization. You can also add other domains, so that logged in users having emails with this domain, see your organization name when they go to manage organizations and can access it directly or through an access request, depending on your settings. You will be notified by email in either case, when someone joins directly or when they request access.

Is there a minimum/ maximum number of team members and/or workspaces that I can add to each organization? 

There is no limit to the number of workspaces you create in an organization or the number of team members who can join the organization. However, you must create at least one workspace to use the calendar.

Organization Setup
Workspace Setup
Organization Settings
Workspace Settings
Inviting Connections
Your Profile
Profile Settings

Your profile

How do I upload a profile picture?

You can easily upload your profile picture by clicking on your name at the top right corner of your screen. From the dropdown menu, choose Profile settings and click on select to upload a profile picture from your device.

Who can see my birthday?

After having entered their birthday details in Profile settings, members can choose to make this information public or private. They can simply toggle the button to suit their preference.

Public profile (including bithdays)
Calendar Settings
Daily Work Locations
Daily Working Hours
Team Time Zones
Daily News


How do I set my work location?

You can now plan their work location in advance for each of their workspaces. Users can manage their work locations in Calendar settings. The information provided will populate the calendar and it can be changed on the fly.

Where can I see my teammate's work location?

To quickly view you team mate's location, simply navigate to Timezones and choose the List view.  From there you can see your team mates' work time slots. Moreover, if you move to the News tab, you will be able to view their locations as well as their local news.

What about my work schedule?

Just like locations, you can organize your work schedule for the week. By default the working hours are from 09:00 to 17:00. You can customize it to any time that suits you best and change as and when required. If you want to change your work time slot for a particular day, head to the main calendar and select the desired day. In the pop up,  click on Change working hours to update for this day and click submit.

Does Aion allow for flexible hours or shifts?

Yes, Aion is built to support all types of work patterns. You are able to create as many work time slots as needed for every single day of your week. By being able to show your availability to your teammates in a distributed setting, Aion can help you and your team plan work around your personal lives. 


To create a work time slot, simply go to your Calendar settings, then click and drag on the day you want to adjust your desired time slots.


To see your teammates' availability, go to your main calendar, click on Timezones and go to the list view.

How does Aion know what my time zone is?

Aion uses the timezone you selected in your Profile settings. If you are traveling and would like to display your new timezone, please update your profile settings. We’ll take care of the rest.

How can I use Aion to better coordinate with my teams?

In the main panel, switch to Timezones view. Within Timezones, you can choose between Grid and List view. Choose the List view to see your team members’ current time, work schedules and where you have overlapping working hours across time zones. With that in mind, you will be able to schedule your meetings more effectively.

Where does Aion pick up my daily news feed from?

Aion uses a news API to randomly select news relevant to your location. Your news are refreshed every 24 hours.

Can I add more moods?

If you are an admin, you have the ability to choose new emojis from the emoji dictionary to create up to 4 new moods for your organization. On your Main calendar view, simply click on the "plus" button in your mood lexicon panel and follow the steps on your screen.

Daily Mood Sharing
Privacy Settings
Discussng Aion data with your team

Discussing Aion data with your team members

Who can see my mood?

Members belonging to the same organization can see each other's moods. But the mood notes are private for the user, no one else can see them.

Who can see my workspace distribution?

Members belonging to the same organization can see all workspaces and the distribution of corresponding teams

Can I explore the profile of other members in my workspace/organization?

Currently there is no profile page for team members. Only the user and the organization manager can edit profile information.

Chrome Integration
Chrome Tab Takeover
Chrome Extension

Chrome Integration

How can I quickly access Aion without opening a new tab?

If you are using Chrome as your browser, you can download the free extension by clicking here. After installation, click on the extensions icon in the upper right of your browser and click on the pin to place Aion on your menu bar.

Can I hide my team members’ pictures in the tab takeover?

You can choose to hide your team member’s pictures. Simply click on the extensions icon and click on the “more actions” button. Then choose options and deselect Show profile pictures

Can I disable the tab takeover in the Chrome extension?

To disable the tab takeover, you can go to the extensions icon and click on the “more actions” button, Then choose options and deselect Enable new tab override

Deleting your Account


Can I use AION on my smartphone or tablet? is responsive, you can access it from any desktop, mobile or tablet using a browser.

Do you have APIs?

We have basic APIs that we use inside the website, and the backend structure supports any future API requests that might be needed for third-party integration.

Can I delete my account?

As an organization manager, you can manage access for members of your organization.

As a user, you can remove an organization's membership and completely delete your account.



Can I compare data overtime? (ex. week N-1 vs. week N)

You can navigate to previous calendar data using the arrows at the top left of the calendar. In addition, you can export data for a specific period. There is currently no other way to compare the data directly from the website.

Can I download data on team members’ distribution periodically? (ex. monthly)

The organization manager can export reports on the distribution of teams for a specific time frame. The reports can be found in the Admin settings - Data tab.

Can I download data on team members’ moods periodically? (ex. monthly)

The organization manager can export reports on moods for a specific time frame. The reports can be found in the Admin settings - Data tab.


How can I subscribe to AION?

Go to, click on Try it for free in the menu, and create an account using your work email. Emails with public domains, including, are not allowed to access the website except through an invitation to an organization.

Is it free to join?

Yes, Aion is free.

How long does the subscription last?

When you sign up for Aion, your account remains valid until you delete it.

Which subscription options are available?

Currently, you can access all of Aion's features for free. There is no subscription.

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