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Aion Teams

Connected teams are happy teams. 


Aion helps create meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging for your teammates by creating opportunities for them to share and learn about each other.

All of our features, from our daily mood tracker to our profiles, are designed to help teams develop a sense of connectedness and shared understanding. 


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My profile

Get to know your teammates better by learning about them as a person and a professional and find shared interests and conversation starters. 


Location and schedule management

Unlock the benefits of flexibility by planning and sharing your work location and timing with your teammates.

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Have a peek into what your teammates’ local news is to understand their context and build deeper connections.



Create a safe space for teammates to share their emotions with one another using a daily mood sharing calendar.

Time zones

at a glance

Instantly see what time it is in each of your teammates’ locations. Less guesswork, more time for collaboration.

Birthday Notifications 

Celebrate your teammates’ special day to foster a sense of belonging and grow a strong team culture.

How it Works
in 3 easy steps


Create an Organization

Sign up with your work email and start your journey by setting up one or more organizations. Name your organization and you're ready to go.   


Create  Workspaces

Create physical (office) or virtual (distributed teams) workspaces. Set minimum or maximum capacity for your physical / office workspaces.


Invite your team 
and start sharing

Add team members to each workspace using an invite link or via email. Begin your journey as a team by planning and updating your locations, schedule and mood every day. 

Chrome Extension

If you are using Chrome as your internet browser, try our extension for a quicker and easier access to your favourite features 

Gain early access to Aion teams

The first 30 teams that sign up will take part in a special onboarding and engagement journey with us. It will include facilitated workshops, bi-weekly feedback sessions and a dedicated team manager that is here to support you.

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Thank you for your interest in Aion. Someone from our team will be in touch shortly.


Why Aion?

"As a manager, I find it hard to know how my team feels on a daily basis. We don't work in the same office all the time anymore, and they're not used to express themselves and share their feelings when they are not feeling well."

"I spend my time managing who will come to the office and who will work from home so as not to exceed the maximum recommended capacity to maintain social distancing and workplace safety measures."

"I have difficulty knowing when my teammates come to the office. I need to schedule some in-person meetings, and I don't want to bother asking every time."

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How we got the idea

The pandemic showed us that traditional shift-based scheduling engines were not what newly distributed or hybrid teams needed to manage their locations. Read more about our backstory below.

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